Monday, March 31, 2008

Blackfrairs Backstage Pass: THE WITCH

In this edition of the Blackfriars Backstage Pass, American Shakespeare Center 2008 Renaissance Season actors Allison Glenzer (Hecate), Tyler Moss (Firestone), James Keegan (Duke/Abberzanes), and Rick Blount (Almachildes/Hermio) join ASC Director of Mission and Mary Baldwin College Shakespeare Professor Dr. Ralph Alan Cohen in a fun, reflective examination of the ASC's recently-closed Renaissance Season production of Thomas Middleton's The Witch. Discussions center on the the thoughts behind the selection of the play, crossover with William Shakespeare's Macbeth, and the good and bad of producing a play that hasn't been staged professionally in four centuries.
File Size: 21 MB, Running Time: 45 minutes, 30 seconds.

Blackfriars Backstage Pass: THE WITCH

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