Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blackfriars Backstage Pass: MACBETH

In this edition of Blackfriars Backstage Pass, ASC Resident Tropue Actors Álvaro Mendoza (Macbeth), Celia Madeoy (Lady Macbeth), and René Thornton, Jr. (Macduff) join ASC Executive Director and Mary Baldwin College Shakespeare Professor Dr. Ralph Alan Cohen in a thought-provoking examination of the ASC's current production of Macbeth. Discussions include the actor's feelings about the play going into the rehearsal process, the significance of children in the script, and the uncredited character of fear in the story of Macbeth.
File Size: 21 MB. Running Time: 43 minutes, 20 seconds.

Blackfriars Backstage Pass: Macbeth

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